Truth has many colors – and yours is the virulent green of day-old vomit.

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Every time we open our mouths to speak we have a choice. A critical choice.

We can choose to use our words to build someone up, to brighten their day, to tell them they’re awesome, they’re loved, they’re creative, they’re resourceful. We can use our words to help them become stronger, more secure and able to take on life’s challenges. We can make their world better, simply by pointing out the positive.

We can choose to remain neutral.  We can talk about the weather, football, the government or what to make for dinner. These words don’t have a positive effect on the world, but they do no harm, either.

Our third choice is the most popular option. We can use our words to wound, to hurt, to embarrass. We can point out the other’s faults, shortcomings and imperfections. We can let them know we find them lacking, less than optimal, less than…..well, ourselves.  We leave them slightly stunned, trying to hide the wounds our words have caused.  Their world – and self-esteem – is diminished slightly; our words have found their mark. We shrug, turn away, and reassure ourselves that we did nothing wrong – we spoke only the truth.  We continue along our way, in search of our next victim.

As a recent victim, I say to you: the truth has many colors, and yours is the virulent green of day-old vomit.  If I do not ask for your opinion – do not give it. Do not tell me of my faults, I know them already.  I should, you’ve pointed them out enough.  Please note – they still exist; your notice did nothing to help me grow, indeed, it kept me small and helpless. Perhaps that was your plan, all along?

Nana Sophie Gathers Support and Supplies for Hurricane Sandy Victims - Get Involved!

I love it when ordinary people do extraordinary things! Hurricane Sandy has brought us many heart rending stories of survival and rebuilding. Now a local celebrity and her family are gathering supplies and items for the hard hit folks of Staten Island, NY. 

I speak of Chesapeake City's own Nana Sophie Ferrara, who spent her 102nd year becoming the Nation's Nana and gathering more than 5,000 Facebook friends. For her 103rd birthday in October she was featured on a New York morning show (she's from Staten Island), and now she's gathering clothes, wipes, toiletries, shoes, blankets, diapers and more to send to her hometown. 

Sophie's granddaughter, Diane Scuderi, will be making as many trips as are needed to transport necessities to NY. Diane asks that everything be neatly placed in boxes or bags and dropped off at her home at 119 Manor Circle, Elkton MD.  Her number is 302 593 2016 if you need to coordinate things with her.  Please be respectful, and only call during daytime hours!

Let's pull together, Mid Shore, and help Nana help others! Contact your churches, civic groups, youth groups, etc. and get people collecting needed items! I know gas cans are in desperately short supply - Wal-Mart is selling out daily to folks driving south to find supplies. 

I know we all want to help but don't always know how.  We can do this! 

Let's work with Nana Sophie and make a difference! 

PS - I can help bring supplies from the lower counties to Cecil - email me! 

Building a Strong Mid-Shore with a Buy Local Guide to Exceptional Gifts!

Did you know that for every $100 you spend with an independently owned local store $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures? Spend that same money at a national chain store and $43 stays here. Spend it online and $0 is returned to the community. [check out the 3/50 Project for more information] 

This year Mid Shore Life is setting up the Buy Local Guide to Exceptional Gifts to promote and encourage everyone to keep those hard earned dollars on the Shore. All types of gifts will be showcased, including traditional presents, gift certificates to local restaurants, tickets to local shows, sports lessons, art classes and more. Think funky, original - and LOCAL! 

Right now we're busy gathering gifts and businesses to be included - so spread the word! Contact me at cyndi@ how to place a bet in vegas online or 443.993.3823 for details on how to be included.  These next two weeks will be crucial - we need to get the gifts listed early to beat the holiday rush!  Thank you!

4 Effective Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life

These days, we hear more and more about the importance of finding “our purpose.” In most cases, a “purpose” is defined as the reason for which an individual—or group of individuals—is placed on the earth. Most experts agree that finding one’s purpose is a difficult process that can take months, years, or even decades to pinpoint. Individuals who are especially interested in finding their purpose may be able to speed the process by being willing to try new things, being patient, becoming educated, and never giving up. 

1. Try New Things
One of the best ways by which individuals can learn their purpose in life is by trying new things. This may refer to seeking education or employment in a variety of areas, dating individuals who are unique and different, even participating in church groups, social clubs, or other organizations that are outside one’s typical comfort zone. By participating in a variety of activities that are varied and unique, individuals will be able to get a better idea not only of what interests and intrigues them, but what also suits their lifestyles, personal passions, and goals for the future. 

2. Be Patient
Most people want to find their purpose as soon as possible, so they can do the work or objective that they were designed for. Unfortunately, finding one’s purpose is not something that can be done in an afternoon—as stated above, some individuals need several years to completely discover their purpose in life. To ensure optimal results in this process, people should be willing to be patient when it comes to identifying a specific purpose. Don’t set a time frame—just be open and ready for a purpose to identify itself, and when it does, you will be the first person to know!

how to place a bet in vegas onlineIdlewild Park Goes To The Dogs For Talbot Humane

Great fall weather brought animal lovers out in support of Talbot Humane at the organization’s annual Bark in the Park festival at Idlewild Park on October 20th. The family-friendly  day for dogs began with a “moment of howl” following the pet blessing and National Anthem and ended with a tail-wagging contest for people. In between, the fun included a Dog Walk through the streets of Easton, a Dog Show with winners in ten classes, canine demonstrations, horse-drawn carriage rides and more.

A 10K run and a 5K fun run/walk each debuted at the event this year. More than a hundred runners and walkers participated in the races sponsored by Annapolis Volvo, helping to raise additional funds for Talbot Humane.

Educational as well as entertaining, the event featured local veterinarians, and rescue and humane groups that provided information on topics of interest to pet owners. Exhibitors and vendors offered pet-care products and services.

Bark in the Park’s focus is the animals awaiting adoption at Talbot Humane and other area organizations. A Pawrade of Adoptable Dogs allowed each group to showcase several of its dogs currently waiting for loving homes. Two of the Dog Show classes were testimony to those organizations’ efforts. Festival attendees entered a total of forty dogs in the “Dogs Adopted from Talbot Humane” and “Dogs Adopted from Other Organizations” classes.

Dr. Vaidyanathan wins 2012 Cecil Award

Lakshmi Vaidyanathan, MD, is the winner of the 2012 Arthur B. Cecil, Jr., MD Award for Excellence in Healthcare Improvement. Dr. Vaidyanathan was chosen from among five nominees for her work in developing a palliative care program for Shore Health System. Palliative care is a coordinated approach of physical, emotional and spiritual care with the goal to relieve suffering for patients with advanced illnesses.

The Cecil Award for Excellence in Healthcare Improvement is named for Arthur B. Cecil, Jr., MD, a surgeon who practiced at Memorial Hospital from 1950 until 1988. The award was established to recognize Dr. Cecil’s commitment to using grand rounds to share the latest developments in the field of medicine.

“Physicians are lifelong learners and they want to share what they learn with their colleagues,” says Michael Tooke, MD, chief medical officer for Shore Health. “Today, the Cecil Award recognizes physician leaders for their contributions to educating and engaging physicians and other members of the healthcare team in quality improvement initiatives that continuously enhance the care available to our patients.”

Dr. Cecil’s son, Arthur Cecil, III, presented the award to Dr. Vaidyanathan on October 18 at a special ceremony at the Tidewater Inn in Easton. Mr. Cecil, who serves on the Shore Health Patient Quality and Safety Committee, says, “Tonight we pay tribute to everyone who provides patient care at Shore Health. This award is one of many ways that Shore Health recognizes the teams of people who are committed to caring for patients.”

Rosa Mateo, MD, and Paul Monte, MD, were finalists for the Cecil Award along with Dr. Vaidyanathan. Dr. Mateo, an infectious disease specialist, was cited for her role in eliminating healthcare associated infections through the Target Zero initiative. Dr. Monte, a specialist in hospital medicine, was cited for leading the venous thromboembolism risk assessment and prophylaxis initiative.

Upcoming Programming at the Talbot County Free Library in November of 2012

Children’s Programs

(Note: Pre-registration is requested for all programs except those requiring tickets.)


Easton   (100 West Dover Street, Easton)

First Step Storytime

Tuesdays, November 6 - 20, 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.  For children 3 and under accompanied by an adult.


Preschool Storytime

Tuesdays, November 6 - 20, 2:00 - 2:45 p.m.  For 3 - 5 year olds.  Note: The Pickering Creek Audubon Center will conduct the program on September 11.


Meet the Creatures with Pickering Creek

Thursday, November 15, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.  For all ages.

Queen Anne’s County Arts Council November Calendar of Events

NOVEMBER 2: “Images, Imagination” exhibit begins. View the award winning work of former National Geographic photographer James L. Amos. Glass and jewelry artist Wendy Gordon joins Amos in this show featuring her imaginative designs. A portion of the proceeds benefit renovations to the Centre’s historic building.For more information, contact Centre for the Arts, 206 S. Commerce St., Centreville, MD. 410.758.2520.

NOVEMBER 3:Come see the “Crawdaddies” 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Queen Anne’s County Arts Council. $30 advance / $35 door (call for availability). Cajun/zydeco by a band that knows its way around the bayou.Concert followed by an ‘After Party’. Enjoy light fare, cash bar and meet band members. For more information, contact Centre for the Arts, 206 S. Commerce St., Centreville, MD. 410.758.2520.

NOVEMBER 9:“Images, Imagination” Exhibit and Reception. Join artists’ Jim Amosand Wendy Gordon at the Centre for the Arts from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.The exhibit ispresented by the Queen Anne’s County Arts Council and will benefit their building fund. View the award winning work of former National Geographic photographer James L. Amos and glass and jewelry artist Wendy Gordon.For more information, contact Centre for the Arts, 206 S. Commerce St., Centreville, MD. 410.758.2520.

Identifying the Most Addictive Prescription Drugs

We've all heard that many prescription drugs can become addictive. In fact, many legal prescription drugs can be just as addictive (if not more so) as hardcore illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Some of the most addictive prescription drugs on the market today include:

Also known as Demerol, pethidine is in the opioid classification of drugs. Because of the rapid onset of pethidine it's more likely to be abused than other prescription opioids. Side effects include hypotension (low blood pressure), respiratory system problems, and dizziness. For those who are chronically addicted to pethidine, convulsive seizures are a big risk, as are chest pains, tremors, and fainting.

Probably one of the most well known, and publicized addictive drugs, Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid. Generally prescribed for pain that is mild to intense, it is highly addictive. The side effects are quite severe, and can include tremors, an irregular heartbeat, vomiting, and itching and/or redness of the skin.

Aldean Announces Major Stadium Shows in Whirlwind Trip

The country music landscape is changing before our very eyes, and one of the most noticeable alterations to the topography has been the mountainous rise of Georgia’s own Jason Aldean. The country music phenomenon’s fifth studio album, Night Train,dropped early last week and cleaned up the charts by debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. With 409,000 copies sold, the release rolled in as the second-best debut sales week of 2012, and everyone expected the announcement of a headlining tour, but no one quite saw this coming.

The 2013 Night Train tour was expected to be big, but on a day-long, whirlwind trip around the country Aldean took it to new heights by announcing three major stadium shows in Georgia, Chicago, and Boston. Artists of all genres strive to sell out stadiums, but in country music that zenith is hard to reach; recent memory has seen only genre-defying superstars like Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift garner a stadium tours, but Aldean is more than ready.

The first stop of his journey was to his home state of Georgia, where he told a riveted Athens crowd that he would be performing an April 13th show at the University of Georgia’s legendary Sanford Stadium, which will mark first-ever concert held at Sanford Stadium. From it was off to Boston where he set up shop beside the Green Monster at Fenway Park and announced a July 13th show, which will make him the first country music artist to perform at the historic ballpark. And, ensuring he went out with a bang, he flew to the Windy City to make the famous ivy wall of Wrigley Field his backdrop, where he announced a July 20th performance there.

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