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Five Steps to take this Summer that will Transform Your Life!

There's no more putting it off - Summer is upon us. Tis the season for surf, sand and family time - and we've earned every minute of it! But this summer, let's also concentrate on US - and our dreams! Here are five things to do this summer that will change our lives!

1. DREAM - What are your dreams and lifetime goals? Do you even know? NOW is the time to dream big. What do you need to accomplish so, when you look back over your life, you see a life well-lived? Write down as many as you can; things to do, to see, to become, to learn. Then go back and circle the top five that you start working on NOW!

Now that you know what you want, visualize your world as if these things were already accomplished. See the details of your day, and feel the joy and satisfaction of knowing you have accomplished these things. Do this EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

2. BIG ROCKS - Remember the story of putting rocks, pebbles, sand and water into jar? You have to put the big rocks in first, or the smaller stuff will fill up your days and you'll never accomplish the really important things. We all have a million little things that we need to do each day - but we need to make sure the important, dream building stuff gets done, too. 

Look over you dreams list. For each goal write down the steps you need to take to make your dream a reality. These are the "Big Rocks". Every day list 3-5 action steps (in different categories) - and make them the priority for your day. Break down large, involved steps into more managable actions. You'll still have the daily stuff to do - but just knowing that THESE are your priorities will super-charge your journey toward your dreams!

4 Clever Ways to Avoid Morning Stress

Mornings can be a difficult time for many individuals. Often, mornings are spent preparing breakfasts, getting lunches ready for children and spouses, anticipating meetings, and managing traffic. In most cases, these morning tasks can lead to a great deal of stress. By keeping some basic recommendations in mind, however, they don’t necessarily have to. Individuals who want to avoid morning stress should be sure to develop a routine, plan ahead, rise early, and anticipate traffic. These tips cannot only make the morning hours run more smoothly, but can be beneficial for the rest of the day as well.

1.  Develop a Routine
As mentioned above, one of the most important tips for individuals who want to avoid morning stress involves developing a routine. As with other long-term plans, developing a routine for the morning hours may take quite a bit of time. While routines may vary depending on personal situations, they may include making breakfast, taking a shower, getting children ready for school and on the bus, and finally heading to the place of employment. Try to create a specific routine and stick to it for an extended period of time. If a morning routine is not working, try incorporating small changes, and reevaluate its effectiveness after a few months of use.

2.  Plan Ahead
Though developing a routine is very important for individuals who want to avoid morning stress, planning ahead can also be beneficial. Instead of making and packing sack lunches in the morning, try to do it the night before. Similarly, outfits can be laid out in the evening, so the question of “what to wear” will not come up in the early morning hours. Finally, make sure all paperwork and other materials that may have been brought from work and studied at home are packed and ready to go in the morning. Planning ahead cannot only significantly reduce stress , but may also be an effective way to save time in the precious morning hours.

Rehabilitation After a Brain Injury - The Steps You Can Take

Rehabilitation after catastrophic brain injury is required to help the individual – and their loved ones – adapt to the new situation in their lives. Brain injury patients may have to re-learn everyday skills including walking, speech, conversation and personal care, requiring a multi-disciplinary team of doctors and therapists to help the patient return to their daily life as much as possible.

First steps to recovering from brain injury

Many families worry about how long it might take their loved one to begin to recover during brain injury rehabilitation, which in itself can be challenging. Medical professionals generally consider that the first six months after brain injury will give an indication of how quickly or completely a brain injury patient will recover – but slow recovery from brain injury does not mean that progress will not continue to be made, as different therapies suit different individuals and each case of brain injury is unique. 

A year after the brain injury is perhaps the best time to begin thinking about the future and what further rehabilitation might be needed to help the patient continue their recovery. The emotional and psychological trauma of brain injury can take much longer to overcome – and progress may be linked to how well the patient is able to deal with what has happened to them.

Identifying the Most Addictive Prescription Drugs

We've all heard that many prescription drugs can become addictive. In fact, many legal prescription drugs can be just as addictive (if not more so) as hardcore illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Some of the most addictive prescription drugs on the market today include:

Also known as Demerol, pethidine is in the opioid classification of drugs. Because of the rapid onset of pethidine it's more likely to be abused than other prescription opioids. Side effects include hypotension (low blood pressure), respiratory system problems, and dizziness. For those who are chronically addicted to pethidine, convulsive seizures are a big risk, as are chest pains, tremors, and fainting.

Probably one of the most well known, and publicized addictive drugs, Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid. Generally prescribed for pain that is mild to intense, it is highly addictive. The side effects are quite severe, and can include tremors, an irregular heartbeat, vomiting, and itching and/or redness of the skin.

What's So HOT About Power Yoga?

by Brenda Lain
Eastern Shore Yoga co-owner/instructor

It’s summer and 100 degrees in Easton, MD and the studio at Eastern Shore Yoga is beginning to fill up for its evening, hot yoga class.  The studio is a muscle limbering 88 degrees and the students are chatting, rolling out mats, preparing for a sweaty, vigorous class—looking forward to going to their edge.  So what brings people of varying genders, ages, and bodies to yoga in general and Eastern Shore Yoga (ESY) in particular?

I know what brought me to yoga, and anyone with an angst-ridden, 16-year-old, teenage daughter would understand completely, stress release.  It was 2000 and I had just moved with my husband and two daughters to Pittsburgh, PA.  My teenage daughter left behind her high school, friends, and “the boy she loved” in Georgia.  She hated life and especially me.  So when a newfound friend of mine suggested I take a yoga class with her, I reluctantly agreed, thinking a group of women sitting around chanting and stretching was not going to cure my ills.  I needed something stronger, like military school for girls, or a bottle of scotch for me.  What I found was something that changed my life, my relationship with my daughter, and my body.

Local doctor studies the effect of common medicines and supplements on pancreatic cancer

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

One in three people will be affected by cancer.  Those odds are chilling – actually, they’re downright terrifying.  How can a disease that touches so many of us still be so difficult to treat? Shouldn’t a common disease have a common treatment?

Dr. Maher Nashed has seen cancer patients benefit from common medicines and supplements – many of them available over the counter.  He has been approved to study the effects of these medicines on Stage IV Pancreatic cancer patients.  The patient must no longer be receiving chemotherapy or other treatment to participate in the study.  This is a 6 week study and the medications will be provided by Dr. Nashed in either his Middletown, DE or Elkton, MD office.  In previous patients these medications resulted in a decrease in tumor markers and a significant decrease in pain and pain medication.  

Dr. Nashed is not an oncologist, he is an allergist – and has seen allergy medications (and other common supplements) have a positive effect on cancer.  He has been passionate about finding treatments for cancer since his sister passed away 36 years ago.  So why didn’t he go into oncology?  Because Dr. Nashed, a deeply religious Christian, believes God led him into his current specialty for a reason. Indeed, most oncologists would not even consider that cancer could be fought using simple OTC medicines and common prescriptions.

Shore Health - March 2012 Classes, Events and Health Screenings


Blood Pressure Screenings

Every Monday through Wednesday, except holidays, 9am to noon, Diagnostic and Imaging Center, 10 Martin Court, Easton. FREE.

Every Tuesday and Friday, 11am to 1pm, Dorchester General Hospital, main lobby, 300 Byrn Street, Cambridge. FREE.

Breast Cancer Screenings

Shore Regional Breast Center, Memorial Hospital, 219 S. Washington Street, Easton. Open to uninsured or underinsured women, ages 20-39 and over 64 who meet income guidelines, and Medicare patients of any age. Call 410-820-9400.


Support Groups         

Cancer Support Groups  

Day and evening meetings for patients and family members, Shore Regional Cancer Center, 509 Idlewild Avenue, Easton. Call 410-546-1200.

Pamper Your Hair, Body and Spirit at Serenity Spa!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Life is stressful and causes fine lines on my face.  The air is dry and chaps those fine lines while frizzing my hair. Upset about my hair and fine lines, I bite my nails and cuticles.  As I sit, hunched and crying over my chewed nails, my shoulders knot and my back aches.

In other words, it’s Monday. Or any day, really.

Let’s face it gals – we work hard. Unfortunately, it shows.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a pampered star, having others condition and style my hair, do my nails, massage my shoulders and make me beautiful while I sip herbal tea and munch delicately on dark chocolate that NEVER goes to my hips.  

But alas, I’m a mere non-star, doomed to dry skin, chewed cuticles and a stiff neck. 

Or I could stop whining, pack a good book and spend a couple of hours at Serenity Salon Spa and Tanning in Chesapeake City, MD.  This oasis is a one-stop pampering retreat – and I now understand why they’re so busy! I went for a haircut (and it looks marvelous, simply marvelous!) and was so impressed by the place I went back to get a tour of the place! They offer so many pampering options I was drooling – or maybe that was the chocolate body scrub?

First of all, Serenity Spa is a full service hair and nail salon – you name it, they do it. Including eyelash extensions, which are quite popular.  They also have tanning options: traditional beds, upright beds and airbrush tans.  The skin and body care choices are mind-boggling –I can’t wait to try them! Here are some options:  (from their website)

how to place a bet in vegas onlineUntangling the Knots: A One-Day (or half-day) Silent Meditation Retreat


Suitable for both beginning and experienced meditation students, this silent meditation retreat includes guided meditation periods, silent sitting and walking meditation,
                                        dharma talk in the afternoon, and question-and-answer session.

When: Saturday, April 14 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm 
Where: Third Haven Friends Meeting House, 405 South Washington St , Easton , MD

What: This day of practice will include direction in mindfulness of the breath, body, emotions and thoughts as a way of becoming aware of our deeply ingrained patterns of heart and mind, i.e., obsessive patterns, perfectionism and self-judgment to name a few. These patterns have been repeated so often in our lives that they have been called “karmic knots”. Through the practice of insight meditation and compassion, it is possible to work with them and come to a place of joy and freedom.

Find Your Bliss this February

Evergreen Cove Holistic Learning Center

Advance registration required. - Click on the class title for more information or to register.

Learn ways to mindfully meditate through the winter blues and into the light that shines within us all.
with Ann E. Smith
Saturday, February 4 10 AM-2 PM
Learn how to find balance in the midst of change and challenge.
with Bob Hyman
Sundays, February 5-March 11 10-11:30 PM
(no class March 4)

Enjoy a rewarding and thought-provoking experience that you will likely never forget!

with Jimmy Quast

Sunday, February 5     1:30-3:30 PM

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